About Us

About Us

"Baan Ati," derived from Thai, translates as "home" and connotes being foremost or exceptional.

Baan Ati stands as a singular abode, conceived from the creative vision of a Thai woman deeply rooted in art, design, and over two decades of international hotel management.

Her passion and pride in Thai culture drive the dream of crafting a small haven to warmly welcome guests, offering them a distinctive experience imbued with the essence of Thai heritage intertwined with modern comforts.

The stilted wooden architecture evokes a rare sense of coziness and connection, a rarity in today's world. Ideal for tropical climates, these houses are adept at natural ventilation and heat dispersion, harnessing the winds to perfection.

Each dwelling faces a tranquil canal, offering serene views of the encompassing mountains. The design philosophy draws from seasoned experts in traditional house building, enriched by the wisdom passed down through generations of local artisans.

This fusion yields a mastery in wooden craftsmanship, ensuring that every detail of Baan Ati exudes uniqueness.

Each residence varies in layout and amenities, affording guests the freedom to curate their stay at their own pace.

Baan Ati promises more than just lodging – it offers a heartfelt embrace, where visitors are cherished like family, creating an atmosphere akin to a cherished second home for all who enter.

For those seeking an unforgettable escape into Thai hospitality and culture, Baan Ati beckons as a haven unlike any other.